the 13th of May, 2018

Version 3.0 for accessible collapsible regions

At the beginning, it was supposed to be a simple update, but changes were so huge that this new version is a major update.

  • Code has been deeply restructured.
  • Plugin is now callable with a customized configuration (See demo, fourth example and default config documentation).
  • This update will allow to add easily new methods in a near future.
  • Documentation has also been updated.
  • Demos on the website are now using SRI.

The counterpart for these updates is a slight weight gain. Anyway, the size of the script is 2kb minified and gzipped, so that is very reasonable.

This update has been published on Github/NPM today (See Github repositery of Van11y hide/show script).

An important point: this update does not break the compatibility with previous versions.

One more time, a huge thank to Aurélien Garroux which made this possible, and without whom this project would not exist.