the 28th of April, 2018

Nested accordions are now possible

By default, the script now supports nested accordions. To do this, the script is going to search for direct children of js-accordion (js-accordion__header). Before, the script was searching for all children of js-accordion without any difference between all of them.

However, it is possible to activate a less strict mode if your site requires some div between js-accordion and js-accordion__header.

This can be achieved using data-accordion-cool-selectors="1" attribute to put onto js-accordion. The first demo illustrates this feature.

This update has been published on Github/NPM today (See Github repositery of Van11y accordion script). Documentation has also been updated.

In addition to this, a new demo using CSS transforms has been added (and a nested accordion demo too), and a fix for WebPack users has also been added.

A big thank to @intelligence for the suggestion!