the 29th of January, 2018

New feature for accessible hide/show script

The jQuery version of this script (jQuery simple and accessible hide-show system) have demos that are using CSS pseudo-elements to generate some contents.

As it has been reported on the Github account of this script, it may create issues on some speech synthesis that are vocalising these pseudo-elements.

So after the update for the jQuery version, a new feature has been added to the Van11y script, it creates an empty element in the generated button, dedicated to use pseudo-element content, which won’t be vocalised.

<span class="expandmore__symbol" aria-hidden="true"></span>

To see it in action, demos have been updated with a new example that is using this feature (which displays + or − in the button).

It has been published on Github/NPM (See Github repositery of Van11y accessible hide/show script).