the 19th of April, 2017

A new project: accessible modal window

This project has been set up last week-end (which will enable to create other similar projects), it is inspired by the jQuery plugin accessible modal window (behaviour are the same).

Compatibility is classical: IE9 and greater once the script is transpiled (transpilation is provided on Github repositery in the folder “dist”).

It weights only 2kb minified and gzipped, which is still very reasonable.

You may find it here: Accessible modal window, with the demos and all necessary informations.

One point: it is not fully built in progressive enhancement. However, it is possible and quite easy to do, you may not hide modal content and put an anchor to it. Once JavaScript is loaded, you may hide these contents using JavaScript, and the modal script will take over.

Here we are, it is a 1.0 version, certainly not perfect, but it works, and I hope it will serve you!

Update: the first bug has been discovered and fixed.