the 26th of September, 2016

First launch of Van11y project

Van11y means Vanilla-Accessibility.

This project is a rewrite of jQuery Plugins in accessibility section made by Nicolas Hoffmann. All these scripts are set up in ES2015, and can be transpiled to IE9+ compatible Vanilla JavaScript.

  • All scripts are placed under MIT license.
  • A lot of parameters, attributes are placed into constants, that means you can set up your own conventions for attributes and styling (which was not possible in jQuery previous versions).

Three scripts are ready for now, Accessible tab panel, Accessible Accordion, Accessible hide/show, I hope to add new ones very soon.

Well, the paint is fresh, everything is not perfect, but here we are!

I would like to thank Enza Chaffron for the design, Aurélien Garroux for JavaScript, and Aurélien Lévy for all accessibility questions.